How do you make It add rewards?

It never lets me add the rewards in my levels.

You can’t. Period. Only admins. It wouldn’t do any good you add rewards in the campaign editor meaning the level would have to be added to the live game and for that to occur it would have to be super high quality and go through Nick or the other game masters for approval.

Imagine you made a really crappy level, which you instantly win after 1 second without doing anything, and which gives you 1 trillion gems, and, just for fun, it is repeatable.

If I could do this, there would be no reason to play any other level. This is why only the hired Artisans can add rewards (they are trusted).

That said, if you make a level which is cool and which we put into the main campaign, I’ll definitely add rewards to it. Talk to me in the HipChat if you want guidance on making a fun level that fits into the main level progression.