How do you use pets?


Thanks for the effort, I appreciate it!
I can beat the level, but I was hoping to add some more creative tools to the arsenal. I can’t get the pet to work on other levels (not pet-centered) either:(


When is the metalic spider going to release? It seems like it can attack.


The Metallic Spider is currently an ogre-only pet.

It wouldn’t be fair if only the humans had pets!


What level do the ogres use it in?


They don’t yet. They’re still training it.


From experience, I know that pets unfortunately can't collect coins, only health potions.


And keys, in some levels.


Although you don’t usually want mushrooms, pets are capable of fetching mushrooms :slight_smile:


From experience, I know that pets unfortunately can’t collect coins, only health potions.

Some pets might have different abilities.


But the ones currently availible (the Cougar and the Wolf Pup) can only collect health potions (and keys, I think)



Yeah, they collect keys. :smiley_cat: :key:


I recently got a raven as a pet but my pet won’t collect any key.


That’s weird. Maybe that’s the old version of the raven that can’t collect keys. The new version is currently being developed, and hopefully that can collect keys.
I use the Wolf Pup and that works just fine.


What level are you playing that the Raven can’t pick up keys?


how do you get the raven. EDIT Never mind


The level that am playing on is Mushroom Noise.


Even my wolf pup and my cougar won’t pick up any key.:confused:


I think there might be something wrong with your code :slight_smile:

Works on my end.


Ok here is my code.

def onSpawn (event):

skeleton = pet.findNearestByType("skeleton")
pet.on("spawn", onSpawn)