How do you get a griffin pet


I have both wolf pup and cougar pet but I don’t know how I got it and can you tell me how to get griffin pet. I really want griffin pet because it is a flying type so it can fly over mines


Are you on or above level 66? Once you’re above level 66 you can get a griffin.


Do you have a subscription? Maybe you automatically get it when you subscribe.


You receive the cougar pet after beating a level in Sarvan Desert. You unlock the Wolf Pup in a later level in Kithgard Dungeon. You can unlock Griffin for 4000 gems after you have reached level 66.


It’s impossible to reach level 66


No its not. You have to beat the entire game almost I believe to get the amount of exp needed


It is not if u simulate a lot of games then u will get a lot of xp.


I subscribed and I love it.


in the kithgard dungeon if you subscribe you get it for new item ((the wolf pet and the cougar) dread door and known enemy witch known enemy is a no subscribe level but need subscribe to get pet cougar ) but in the backwood forest go fetch level if you don’t have the pet you need to buy one for 4000 gems i have 20,529 gems


BTW griffin pet now costs 1700 gems and you don’t have to get to level 66. Also, stuff on level 66 isn’t supposed to be used yet. It’s kind of like “coming soon to a store near you”.


And My Friend said he is in level 68 ( I think it is clickbait)


Maybe it’s possible to get to level 66 with sub levels by beating pretty much the entire game but I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to get level 66 stuff.


It is not possible as a sub and I completed all levels except for 5 I’m still in lvl 41


I am a level 38 not a sub


yay maybe It is part of the volcano world ???