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How do you use pets?


How exactly do you use pets? I have a wolf and cougar. I had made it halfway through the forest before buying a subscription, then when I did the pets unlocked. Are there more than the wolf pup and cougar cub? What are they used for? How do I use them?

~A confused coder


Currently, I believe there are only those are the only two available.
The developers are testing out the Baby Griffin and other new pets they hope to release in the near future.


I am also confused. The wolf and the cougar don’t do much but follow you in the levels what specific job do they have?


I believe they are mostly used to fetch potions and say something to solve puzzles. You will also move the pet around with the moveXY command to trigger something etc.


Very true! Total features include:
Talking to you;
Fetching things;
Flying over holes to get items that the hero can’t get;
Pets don’t get hurt from mines and traps AND don’t suffer from mushrooms.
They will become useful in the desert.
Hope this is useful :slight_smile:


We will be adding more abilities, and more pets, in the future. But in the meantime, some hints to get you started:

You can use pet.debug(x) on any level instead of hero.say(x) if you want to print out debugging messages without slowing down your hero.

The true power of pets are event handlers, first discussed in the level Backwoods Buddy in Backwoods Forest. There are several levels teaching about this in Forest and Desert, and the concept is also used in the Game Development 2 and Web Development 2 campaigns.

If you haven’t gotten that far yet… keep going! :slight_smile:


I was also wondering if you could command your pet to attack the enemies


I tried but it says it wasn’t a function in the game.

Maybe they will and a pet like the Raptor, which will attack enemies.


We experimented with pet combat early on, but Okar was inconsolable when his kitten got injured, so we stopped. :crying_cat_face:


Ok, thanks for the info. Is there any other way to maybe develop a pet that goes into combat with the hero?


Maybe like I suggested in my Volcano Idea post:

Yeti slows / freezes nearby enemies
Angel heals you once every while
Raptor pet makes you attack faster and deal more damage


That would probably work!



Pets are very helpful in Kithguard Brawl because they can fetch you health potions while you fight


I can’t get the pet to fetch in a non-pet designated level. He just says "I can’t carry that!"
Is this me, or a hard limitation?


What level is it? Is it a multiplayer clan battle perhaps? It also depends on the code you have. Do you mind pasting your code?

thanks :smiley:


Yeah I found that too. Its weird.


def goFetch():
while True:
coin = pet.findNearestByType(“coin”)
if coin:

pet.on(“spawn”, goFetch)

it’s a challenge level: Sarven Siege 2 in the Desert, where you need to protect the arrow towers



I didn’t include the rest because it was a lot…but I can if it will help


Ok… In this case, do you have the Kithsteel Blade? For that battle, it’s either gain coins or fight, and I choose fight often. For some reason, the pets don’t work for that level. The Kithsteel Blade lets you hit them before they can react. And the fastest boots you have will help you spring on to more enemies, well, faster.

Here is my code:

// Defend your towers in this replayable challenge level!
// Step on an X if you have 20 gold to build a soldier.
while(true) {
var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
if (enemy) {


My philosophy is: In coding, it’s war not piece - especially if your fighting dumb ogres (Not a real philosophy, but it fits :smiley: )

Hope this helps!