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How many teams are there - ogres, humans, neutral?

So I have a challenge. I would like to create a “boss” for a level or segment the ogres into 2 teams if possible.

Though I only know of three teams at the moment:

  1. neutral
  2. humans
  3. ogres

Creatures that are neutral will show up with green highlights. Is it possible to create your own teams? And also to decide on the colors that tint any team?

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You can change the teams in the Alliance System, but you can only have three, because the collision system we use doesn’t have enough bits to create the collision categories for a fourth team.

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@nick So I noticed that I could change the color of the unit, but the color displayed over the head didn’t seem to change.

For instance:

In the above image “Belch” the ogre is on the Neutral team with colors reassigned to the ogre team colors neutral: color: { hue: 0.66; saturation: 0.75; lightness:0.5 }

I believe that I was originally able to change the text above the head to blue as well as the character tinting when I changed things the first time. Right now I am unable to affect both. I resolved this by using the ogres team and just using the enemy units names instead of team for the goal. But I would be interested to know if I can also change the text color above the name.

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Name colors are hard-coded into the Surface, unfortunately.

    o.fontColor = {D: '#000', S: '#FFF', N: '#6c6'}[st]
    if @style is 'name' and @sprite?.thang?.team is 'humans'
      o.fontColor = '#c66'
    else if @style is 'name' and @sprite?.thang?.team is 'ogres'
      o.fontColor = '#66c'