Your hero must survive goal has the value of ogres must survive - cavern survival

In cavern survival, I summoned a soldier. It died when an ogre attacked. I am failing. It says that only my hero needs to survive but it acts like all of my team has to survive; like “Your hero must survive” === “Ogres must survive” Then heres what happened:

Please help?

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Sorry Shoodong, but I cannot see anything unusual. You send a soldier against a female ogre. The soldier has no possible way to win this fight, because the ogre is so much stronger. You either need more soldiers (not possible due to lack of money) or a better strategy in how to evade the ogre until you have enough money.

One of the most successful strategies by now is a run-away-tactic, eventually hasting himself and rooting/slowing enemies.

I think this is also true on one of the mad max levels, any (I think you can only afford one) soldier spawned causes a failed state after they die.

The problem as I see it is the expressed conditions do not match the actual level conditions. Regardless that creating a soldier is a sub optimal strategy.

This can be solved by changing one of the mismatched items, and I support “actual” since it encourages more diverse solutions.

Ah, I get it.
The problem is that when this level was created, there was never another human-/ogre-teammember expected. So the goal does not check if the Hero is dead, but if any teammember is dead. And soldiers are a bit fragile for this level…

Tell @nick to edit those levels that has this issue. Then things won’t get too confusing!

I ran across the same issue. Not sure whether it would be considered a bug, or a subtle way of saying “don’t summon friends”. However, if summoning friends on this level is recommended against, why have the gold count up at all, as it currently does?

You can edit this on your own, then submit a patch. While Nick is of course responsible of the game, he has so much to do that this is not exactly on top of the list (I guess. At least very likely).

The gold counting up is simply because you wear a boss star. If you pay attention, every level where you wear a boss star has a gold count, but not the other way round.

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Ah, right you are. I thought I had just managed to ignore it because I couldn’t use it, before, but it’s just new with the boss-star.

Well lets see if I can cause some improvements and avoid some damage myself with level editing…

@J_F_B_M hmmm… I submitted a patch for the mad maxer level (also created a dup for testing on, that seems to need an admin to delete)

The caravan level is more complex though since there are two heros!
hero-survive fails after one hero kills the other hero :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t spend more time on this just now.

@Oscha Thanks for submitting that patch. Actually, the goal ID needs to stay as "humans-survive"–it’s the Save Thangs entry that needs to change from "humans" to "Hero Placeholder". (If it’s a multiplayer level, the ogres goal needs to be Save Thangs "Hero Placeholder 1".)

There are a bunch of levels to check, so I’d appreciate any help with patching these.

Unfortunately my time is very thin until after May and I’ve already set myself back a bit enjoying CC.

But I’ll do what I can, as I can. Your project is excellent and worth the efforts.