How to debug while Coding/Playing the game

Hi all,

First of all , thanks a lot for this game , i’m learning Javascript by coding a game ! my dream comes true , i’ve never being that far in JS :smile:

So while playing the zone of Danger level , i wanted to do some debug and see whats the value of each of my variable for example , have you any tips to give me ? Maybe use google chrome dev tools , but i don’t know how , any useful link ? :smile:

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry about my english , in morocco , our first foreign language is french :smile:


for now there’s only the say() spell that you can use, but a great debugger is in the making.

Ok ! thanks a lot for the answer :wink:


Also by the way, Nick is working right now on a sweet debugging interface where you’ll be able to hover over any variable at any frame and see information on it, and also scrub through any single frame statement by statement. We got a lot of feedback from the Gridmancer experiment that something along those lines was sorely needed, especially for these more advanced levels.

Nice !! I’m giving the game to all my geek/dev friends ! most amazing way to learn javascript :smile:

Thanks all


The time-travel debugger is live now, although very rough and probably totally buggy! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Nice ! i’ll try when i get back to home (at work for the moment :slight_smile: ) thanks a lot !