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Access console.log in game?


I’m aware that I could use the command this.say(whatever i want a readout of); to check the status of a variable, but I was wondering if it would be possible to enable simply calling up the console myself. I find the chrome developer tools’ console much simpler (and smoother) a place to look for feedback than my character.

Any thoughts?


We haven’t enabled it for a few reasons, one being performance of log statements not being good across the web worker boundary, but mainly because we want to encourage players to use the hover debugger.

What hover debugger, you ask? Good question. It’s… disabled right now, since there are a few bugs with it that we need to solve first. But basically you can hover over any variable in your code and see the value of it for the current frame, stepping/scrubbing both forward and backwards as needed. It’ll be pretty cool when we get it 100% working.



It’s really awesome to know you guys are on it. This was my first comment and I’m excited to see that there’s a clear, usable direction to the changes we’ll be seeing coming down the pipe. Is it enabled right now as a test? Did my squeaky wheel get the grease? Because I’m definitely seeing some new stuff today, and, while it seems like a great idea that’s going to make a big difference for people eager to step through their code, it frequently gets in my way at this point and I can see why it isn’t live yet.



It will probably be a while before we can get the time to re-enable it, unfortunately! There are three or four tons of stuff to do right now. I’ll be eager to get to the point where we can work on the hover debugger again, though.