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How to play Stranded in the dunes?


I keep moving to the right and somehow I can’t move any more. Anybody has a idea where i should move next? Thank you!


Are you a subscriber. Only subscribers can unlock certain levels. Also, please send a screenshot.


Yes, you must go to the circle arena place and fight the king


You need to move in the direction of the pillars, then move down after a while. then move right and destroy your enemies along the way, find the circle arena, with the guards kill them, stand on the red X and destroy the skeleton king and his soldiers.


OH NOW I understand what you mean. To defeat Stranded in the Dunes, keep on telling your hero to move right by either manually doing it with flags or dynamically with code put in a loop. Keep on defeating enemies and at a certain point, you will fight the Skeleton King


Hey guys,i tried all you said but where is the circle arena place? But i also want to ask what is the prize?


Are you a subscriber? Subscribers can access Stranded in the Dunes.