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Stranded in the dunes please help


my code is wrong

i dont know why it keeps doing this ive done this for other levels


Check if enemy exists and his type is not “sand-yak”.


im still having trouble i made it to the skeleton king but my hero wont attack him


@Luke10 i already got it done


How was I supposed to know? On your last post you said:


sorry i meant to say but thanks anyways but friend wouldn’t stop trying to have me help him


Oh ok. Thanks @George_Huchins_Hun


do you think you can help me on clash of clones


Sure whats wrong? Post your code…

self.moveXY(74, 69)
    if self.isReady("bash"):
    if < 100:
        self.moveXY(62, 68)

my hero keeps dying i dont know why i have the best armor and stuff on that i can


Was that supposed to be there?


no thank you i really aprecciate your help thank


Did it work?..I hope I was any help


yes it did but i needed to switch up my code a bit


Nice…glad to hear it!:slight_smile::grinning:


are you suscribed or not?


Yes I am…Why?:confused:


just wondering cause your pretty good at the gme


Oh thank you!:grinning:


else if not elof