How to survive without paid item

I didn’t subscribe but in Cavern Survival, I’m in 31st place.

The code is mighter than the subscription.


i cant find you in both the ladders

ur about 60-65ish for my ladder

i havent seen this type of code before, but you got me low

You have the power of both code and money lol
Maybe, that’s the limitation of free player.

i have money, idk how to code tho

But you are 6nd place, and idk how to beat you

idk about that, my leaderboard is glitched

You have to push “More” to see real leaderboard and it’s the same for other ladder.
At red side, you have 6nd.

…or my leaderboard is also glitched?

nah your right

These are my armor.
I summon paladin and defend myself. Sometimes, my hero needs to attack opponent’s hero quickly.

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ur new code is very good

time to beat it!!!

well you use a sword, so with decoys i can easily attract you and murder your tharin
also 9th place thats really good

Yeah, to use hammer can be measures for decoys, but I think sword can act according to circumstances.
If enemyhero attack me quickly, I can beat enemyhero by sword, I don’t think by hammer.