I'm going to make my own game

I’m going to make my own game
If you have any ideas please but them below
I’ll keep you notified

If you want to make a level in code combat go to this page https://codecombat.com/contribute

thanks your really helpful

What level are you on in code combat

i think 14 yeah 14


What world are you on

the world kithguard

you might want to get to the desert before you sign up coding is really hard because you are talking to a machine

thanks for the advice if your you press my profile picture you’ll see a link thats my clan

I joined your clan i am on the desert completed 58 of its levels and am on level 35

are u going to because that will be really helpful

joined! I am dreadtheif125 also rank 12 in dueling grounds

wow amazing want to verse each other

I joined as well, I am coder122018.

i joined as well im blank555

sure PM me!(20 char)

hey @Mikeninja102 I callenge you to a match in Harrowland

and I challenge you in cavern survival

your on @riticmaster9087

everyone fight me (20)