How to use jumpTo?

Bought the “Boots of Leaping” to get a speed boost to try and beat the Sarven Sentry level.

This is the example it gives for the jumpTo method.

self.jumpTo({x: 10, y: 30})

I thought it was a bit weird that you have to pass it a dictionary since the other movement methods don’t require that.

Anyway, if you try it like in the example you get a reference error, x is not defined. The keys x and y need to be strings, e.g.

self.jumpTo({'x': 10, 'y': 30})

Now I can get my character to jump, but it’s not very useful. He jumps, gets stuck in the air, then lands and walks the remaining part. Even when nothing is blocking his path, he gets stuck in the air. I think it’s actually taking my character longer to get to its destination with these boots.

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Jump seems bugged/useless at the moment. The move() method on boots is definitely bugged (as opposed to moveXY() ), so it might be same or related issue.

Every boots with move() on it is bugged like this. don’t use them until it’s fixed

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Fixed the Python argument example now; will have to fix the jump interruption a bit later, since when I went to test it the first time, I couldn’t figure out why it was doing that. I’ll get it next time.


Any progress on the jumpTo? Neither self.jumpTo({‘x’: 76, ‘y’: 51}) nor self.jumpTo({x: 76, y: 51}) works.

Error example:
Fix Your Code:
Line 14: undefined is not a function (evaluation ‘tmp20tmp21, _aether.restoreAPIClone(_aether,tmp23))’)

I’m not getting a code error but I’m also not sure what is happening. My hero jumps, but not necessarily where I pointed him. Also, it seems like maybe there is a cool down here? And also a jump range? But there is no mention of that in the documentation.

self.jumpTo({‘x’: 76, ‘y’: 51}) works fine for me.

‘undefined is not a function’ would indicate that you do not have self.jumpTo() available, are you sure you have the Boots of Jumping or Boots of Leaping equiped?

Also, note that like move, jumpTo must be in a loop to work correctly. Otherwise it will not jump the full distance.

I am not aware of any property which returns the jump distance, if there is one it’s not documented. But i’ve observed that the Boots of Leaping have a jump distance of 18.

I think I know some (arcane) problems with the jumping; I’ll have to get them fixed soon.

Well, I tried jumping over the wall/hedge in backwoods treasure. That definitely does not work, I just bounce back. But I assume I was not supposed to be able to do that, just wanted to try anyway. :wink: