jumpTo() (Python)

What does this method actually accomplish? I want to jump over the enemies attack but I dont think its working.

What was the purpose of this method? What was it meant to do?

I think, when I used jump to, on multiplayer, it just gave me a bit more speed, I’m not actually sure.

Ahh, jumpTo, probably the buggiest function in the whole game (in my opinion). First off, you don’t need jumpTo on that level, and it would make it MUCH more difficult to complete with it. All you need to do is walk into one of the nearby corners.

As for jumpTo, the purpose is to jump over traps (especially fire-traps). However, jumpTo is really… really… REALLY picky. You can attack players mid jump, and they can attack you (even with projectiles). After you’ve jumped once, there’s a cooldown of something like 7 seconds. I think there is supposed to be a hero.isReady(“jumpTo”), or it could be hero.isReady(“jump-to”), but it doesn’t really seem to work. I’ve had to resort to delays to make it work.

Lastly, the distance of your jump is limited to… 5 units? I don’t know. But on the off chance that you meet alllll the criteria of making a jump, you might just slip a bit when you land (even on sand), hitting the trap that you wanted to avoid anyway.

“Almost Perfect Minefield” on the glacier level is a perfect example of a simple level that is made much more difficult as a result of jumpTo.

Wow I honestly remember trying to use the move method and my guy just stood still. I thought I couldnt move my hero on the ice. Now I retried the move method and hes moving. :confused: I think I can solve this level now.:grin: