Http:// glitch or bug

i went from 190 wins and 8 losses to 192 wins and 6 losses what happened

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now 193 wins and 5 losses :smile:

I think the list only displays the last 200 matches. (Also assuming you had two ties.)

dont know what that means but sure but now i keep getting wins but it stays at 194 wins and 4 losses


haha i hit 196 wins with 2 losses

I think what happens is that once you reach 200 games, as your code is entered in more matches and you win or lose, the oldest match gets dropped from the list, which means your total number of losses can drop if the oldest match was a loss, whereas if the oldest match was a win and your latest match was a win then nothing appears to have changed…

So once in a while if you code is really good (and you have good equipment and hero) you can hit 200 wins and no losses.

Also the users for playing for humans is much greater than that playing for “ogres”, so “ogre” code faces a lot more human code than vice versa.

I think here is the code where the cut occurs, but I’m not sure.

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thx i think that might be so

question would they say that it is a tie if he had an error in his code and you beat him