Bug with scoring?

Every single match i click that it says i lost… i win when i watch it. I have yet to see a match i’ve lost. … Yet i’m getting TONS of losses and my score plummeting.

cavern survival

This happens to me as well. My guess is that I’m not being shown the actual match where I lost, especially since I can edit the code for the match.

I used to think that, when it was only a handful of matches every once in a while. But not 70+ matches where NONE of them are real losses. I’ve yet to see a single person that has beaten this particular code… I don’t know something seems very fishy

In fact, something funny i’ve been noticing. a high percentage of these “losses” are against players who have the red code problem rings… … so yeah there’s no chance they legitimately beat my script…

It sounds like their code is erroring out when you play against them, but maybe your code is erroring out when the match is simulated instead, and it’s probably something to do with our system not loading all the right code dependencies at the right time or something. I’ll have to check it out a little later on when I’m done with these levels.

No worries. just making sure you guys were aware of it. It seems “off” from usual for sure. I tried slightly modifying it (adding some spaces) and resubmitting for ranking. same sorts of results.