Hunter Valley - Desert Not opening

So whenever I try to open this level it keeps giving me the attached image and never loads, but othe rlevels do, is this a common problem?

I think that it’s from your previous page. sometimes, it’s slow like that give it some time. or reload

Try going into the level with this link:

thank you, it loads now, but it needs a subscription even though it has a pink base

then I have no idea what the problem is now. it worked for me, and i have never had sub before.

question, is this a vital level if so, I think the game is bugged, because I am pretty sure all subscription levels are optional

Yes, all the sub levels are optional

because it keeps pointing an arrow at it, and when you click at it it talks about arrays, and while (non true) loops, which I just unlocked

sometime codecombat does weird and really annoying things.

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so it’s not important, that’s a relief, I’m hoping it can be fixed soon, can I ask any moderators or admins if it really needs a subscription, because I thought all pink base levels are free, and there are like 4 or 5 that don’t open with a pink base

No, hunter valley don’t need subscription.

that is very odd,since it has been two days now

here is a screenshot:

Weird! it works for me, and i’ve never ever been a subscriber… idk

is it allowed to mention any mod or admin to see the issue, or is that not allowed?

I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to mention them. But I’m relatively new, so it would be better to ask someone else, maybe @CocoCharlie

ok thank you so much

Mostly non-subs can do purple levels, but maybe they just changed it so you can’t play that specific level as a non-sub. but we can mention @Chaboi_3000 can you help? I think he’s the one to ask. but he’s pretty busy with school right now, so you might have to wait awhile. :man_shrugging:

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And the pruple levels are optional.

but other pruple levels in the desert don’t work either,but they do work in forest and dungeon