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Hunting Party (JavaScript) Question


Hello. I am stuck and confused by the level “Hunting Party”. The commented header portion states:

// Use for-loops and findFriends.
// You can use findNearestEnemy() on your soldiers to get their nearest enemy instead of yours.

I need to have glasses equipped that have both of the functions of findFriends() and findNearestEnemy(). Unless I am missing something, there are no glasses that have both of these functions present. Thus, I can either choose glasses that have the findFriends() function that allows for the array of friendly units to be constructed. Or I can wear glasses that have findNearestEnemy so I can identify the nearest enemy, however, I want the friends to be able to identify the enemy after I have identified the array of friends and issued them move commands via the for loop. I am wondering what glasses or methods those of you who have passed this level used.


You only need glasses with this.findFriends(). Friends have seeing abilities of their own. Just use enemy = friend.findNearestEnemy();.


Thanks for the response. However, that suggestion does not work, as I get a “not a function” error message. I am wearing the Twilight (Red) Glasses.


Huh. Interesting. In your for-loop, you are adding one to the list friends, not to friendIndex. That could possibly explain the problem.


Good catch. Interestingly, that was the entire issue. Changed it to increment friendIndex instead of the erroneously incrementing the “friends” array. The “not a function” error was no longer present, allowing successful completion of the level. Thanks for your input and assistance.