Hushbuam shoots arrows?

I was playing against my AL in dueling grounds when I was using hushbuam but she shoots arrows and throws knives. To prove it this is a screenshot:

I am not sure why hushbuam is shooting arrows. Normally, an error should be appearing. It is not. I am so confused. Only rangers shoot arrows and throw knives. There is no archer lying behind me. It is me shooting the arrows. @Feinty @nick @ChronistGilver @xnightsky @jelanicampbell060 will receive a notification because I have mentioned them. They will post a reply to this topic because they were mentioned like me, they receive notifications when we get mentioned. For example @shoodong

Oh, no. Please to not be dragging my name in the mud by you using it.

Hello Shoodong and whoever comes on the idea to mention ALL MODERATORS!!!

There is a nice feature built in discourse, that is every post (especially new ones) will be displayed on the front page.

I promise you I look through every topic almost daily, but I can and will not answer all of them. However, if I have the answer to a problem, I will answer to my best abilities and temper, as long as the answer is not given already.
While I can not speak for other users of this forum directly, I assume the active staff handles it in a similar way.

The problem you mention is in no way solvable for me. I do not know in which context it happened. Does it happen when you attack? When you cast a spell? When you move?
Without information of when stuff is happening nobody can find out why stuff is happening. The codebase of CodeCombat has grown to size where one action can have side-effects somewhere else. This is really uncommon, but there is a small possibility, after all nobody’s perfect. Finding a bug like this without any information is near to impossible.

What I think he is trying to tell us is that there is a glitch with hushbuam shooting arrows and throwing knives

I think the bug here is something related to not properly going through the inventory screen when switching heroes, so it got the ranger’s gear equipped even after switching to the wizard. Just go to the Choose Hero screen and go to the Inventory screen again, and you should be able to equip the wizard gear again.