Lot of Bugs in the game

I’m playing a few days ago, and I’ve already subscribed.

I’ve send an email to the developers, but I’ve got no awnser.

The bugs are:

1 -> I can’t buy Wizard’s and Ranger’s Items, even playing with wizards or rangers.

2 -> I can’t play the web developers levels.

3-> While playing against another players, if there is an error in their codes, my hero got a bug that he can’t move (I couldn’t reproduce the error again, but it happens).

I’m almost regretting paying to play the game. Can someone help me?

Sorry about my english.

@Aldair_Reis , what is the name of the character you are playing when you open the Inventory chest?

@dedreous, my profile is “Lorddai”, and the hero that I’m using is Amara Arrowhead, a Ranger.

Ok, this is weird. @Deadpool198 or @Chaboi_3000. A ranger cannot unlock/purchase a ranger item?

Aldair also has a problem with the dev challenges, but I am not able to speak to that.

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Also, have you tried a different browser? Probably a shot in the dark, but at least it’s easy to try and rule out.

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Yes, I’ve tried Opera, Chrome, IE, Mozilla Firefox and Safari for Windows.

Hi @Aldair_Reis, can you provide me with your CodeCombat username so I can investigate? I tried with all browsers and it seems to be working fine. Did you try disabling ad-blockers? Some may limit essential functions.

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Thanks for helping me.
My Profile is “Lorddai”. I disabled the ad-blockers but it was in vain.