I always cannot pass this level. can somebody help me?

loop {
var farthest = null;
var maxDistance = 0;
var enemyIndex = 0;
var enemies = this.findEnemies();

// 查看全部敌人,找出最远的那个。
while (enemyIndex < enemies.length) {
    var target = enemies[enemyIndex];
    enemyIndex += 1;

    // 是不是有敌人比我们能看到的最远的敌人还要远?
    var distance = this.distanceTo(target);
    if (distance > maxDistance) {
        maxDistance = distance;
        farthest = target;

if (farthest) {
    // 干掉最远的敌人!
    // 如果敌人血量大于0就保持攻击。
        if (this.isReady("cleave")) {
        else {

这是 Mad Maxer,对吗?

我想一个问题就是在 bash 敌人的时候。
如果你想用 bash,你先要检查可不可以用 bash:

if (this.isReady('bash')) {

另一个问题是在攻击敌人。你真在查看自己的血量。你因该查看敌人的血量。因为每个 loop 最远的敌人会变,所以你也因该用一个 while loop 攻击敌人,这样可以打死最远的敌人,再找别的敌人。

我不知道你为什么要用 this.cleave,因为 Mad Maxer 不应该让你用 Long Sword 。

(Also my Chinese isn’t that great, so maybe your English might be better than my Chinese:)

  • Your hero needs to check if he/she can bash before bashing an enemy
  • Your hero should check if the farthest enemy’s health is greater than 0, not the hero’s health
  • Your hero should also use a while loop to attack the farthest enemy, so your hero’s target does not change
  • Not sure why you are cleaving when the Long Sword is not allowed in Mad Maxer
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Thank you for you help;
although that my hero was also die too early.
was the blood of my hero too less to pass this game
Mybe the knives of my hero was too lower;

You should already have over 600 health (“blood”).

If you can, try buying the Kithsteel Blade (Kithsteel的剑). (1600 :gem: )

If you can’t, as long as you understand the concept taught in Mad Maxer, you could skip to Clash of Clones (克隆冲突) or Crag Tag (峭壁标签).

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