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I am stuck on Banefire in the Kithgard Dungeon


How do I move my ally from one place to another.

I tried “this.friend()” “” but nothing is working. Please help.


What level is this?
If I knew I could help you.


I am on level 7. It’s mentioned in the title of this discussion.

Thank you.


Okay, sure, but we need the name. With subscribers and non-subscribers, it’s rather difficult to tell exactly what level you are on.

EDIT: Okay, so I’ve examined the levels in the Dungeon, and including Subscriber levels, it seems you are talking about “The Prisoner”, which is actually level nine, by the way. I’m pretty sure you can just move and the archer will follow you.


Actually my level is “BENEFIRE” as you can see in this screenshot.


Hm. Don’t attack Grumus, just get into his line of sight. Then go the same way you came down, and the archer will attack him, I think.


Yes, as Chronist suggests the Archer doesn’t follow you. He(?) is stuck behind the barrels for protection and what you have to do is lead the big ogre over to him.


I don’t seem to have it…