I can't figure out why my hero is doing this?[SOLVED]

hero.buildXY("arrow-tower",45 , 35)
hero.buildXY("arrow-tower",47 , 3)

It will not let me build the arrow tower, every time I try to build the arrow tower , my hero just repeatedly hits where i want to build it without building it!


Put a space here:

Delete this space:

Maybe, you don’t have enough gold in the game yet, because an arrow tower needs 50 gold

oh, sorry :blush: I didn’t think about that! thanks.

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Welcome, also don’t forget to mark the solution

Yea you can mark a solution by clicking a button that says solution make sure to mark the solution on who ever helped you the most

thank you . didn’t mean to bug you about this. I guess i did not check my code first :laughing:

Yea it’s fine

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