I cant start the last chapter -> begining games javascript

I can not pass up the last level “kithgard gates” and I cant start this part.
its locked, and i dont know what I´ve do ? who help me please ?

I´ve gotta buy some money here ? is it open source… or it is a bugs ?

We haven’t finished Kithgard Gates yet, so it isn’t unlockable. We are almost done with it, and it’ll be unlocked and playable when it’s ready. The next several are coming along nicely, too. You don’t have to pay to unlock any of these levels.

It is open source, yes: https://github.com/codecombat/codecombat

I am glad to sign up for level testing… I did!
Waiting for the new level!

@eab201903977 How do you sign up for level testing?

http://codecombat.com/contribute Scroll down to Adventurer, and hit Get emails when there are new levels!

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