I dont really get what i need to do

so i just finished the level summits gate and i don’t really understand what to do in the level coded orders can someone explain it to me?

In the kelvintaph glaciers you basicly its the last level i guess so you cant go to the next world

i am at the level coded orders an i need to parse the sing that is the problem cause i dont know how to parse the sing

For every five letters, there will be a message in the format txxyy where t is he type and xx and yy are the x and y pos. So the message will be like g2534a3084p2034

what do you mean @Alexander_Gu?

First, break the message into parts of five letters. The first letter is the type. the second and third letters are the x pos. The fourth and fifth are the y pos.

@Alexander_Gu so how do i break it cause i didnt play codecombat for a long time

btw i am @stefan_grecu

Thenn why didn’t you go on your old account.


forgot pass(20 charsssss)

Why does that always happen?!?!

There are a couple ways to get it back.

Pm 098765432123 for details to get back your password. Using alts is not the best.