I need help with this level. I have no idea, how to solve it.

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please PM me your code or else I will not be able to help you and other peeps will not use it to “cheat”
unless you have no code and you have no idea on how to solve it

@Coder2 if you want help on a level post your code (dosen’t have to be in a PM (Priveate Message)) then tell us what the issue with your code is by providing a screenshot or tell us what the issue is and post a link to the level as well, then someone can help you with this level @riticmaster9087 if its a solution ask them to just deleat i the code after they solve it.

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shouldn’t it be private?

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i haven’t even finished this level as well so I can’t help you sorry

I reset so I can not help as well​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

i am sorry i haven’t done that level yet so i will ask @Deadpool198 to help you