I don't understand Code, so how to I teach it?

I am just a mom- I don’t understand code at all. My son is 14 and understands a little coding. He has successfully gotten to Game Development and is now stuck on part 15 of 19. We sent an email to Code Combat and got a reply with some hints from the CEO in an email reply. We still can’t get it to work. How are we supposed to get past this? Is there a place to look for the answers? I paid a bunch of money for this program and now it’s just been not used for a few weeks since we can’t figure this out. I had my husband look at it, too (also no/very very little coding experience). I don’t want this to go to waste. How can I help him get past this level when I don’t understand any of it? He’s a bright 14 year old, but he can’t figure this out either. Please help!

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You’re in the right place. Just post the name of level and use the </> button to post your code here so that others can view it. This is where everyone helps each other. Some here are more experienced than others but we’re all here to learn. I find that helping others debug is great for my own improvement. Don’t look for people to just give up the answers because that doesn’t do you any good. Hints will be given to help you figure it out and learn.

Also, the search feature here on this board helps a lot. Chances are, someone has already had the same issue and asked a similar question.

If you have a subscription, the contact button works. I have used it many times. The responses aren’t always as fast as I’d like but I’ve always received a reply. Remember that the staff are in the Pacific time zone.

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If you don’t understand how to code, you can easily teach it, you don’t need to know much. Just buy a coding book or something like that.


Thank you for the tips. I will try to post the code he did for the level he is on and see if we can get some help in the forum.

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