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I have dont understand where i am going wrong

    munchkin = [self.findByType("munchkin", self.findEnemies())]
    ogre = [self.findByType("ogre", self.findEnemies())]
    thrower = [self.findByType("thrower", self.findEnemies())]

    if len(munchkin) >= 5:

it gives me the length on 1
and it give me the names of the muchkins with commas inbetween the names


Josiah, please format your code according to the FAQ. I’ve don it for you this time, but do so yourself in the future.

When you do your list assignments, you are making a list with one element: another list. That means the length is one. The thing is, you are trying to command your hero to cleave a list. This is not possible. You have to target an individual munchkin.


Thank you very much on both accounts formating my code and helping me out