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I have wrong or bug?


Please help me


It would be simpler to help you if you give more information. At least – what is the level?


22 level Lua language.


Are you using courses or the campaign map? Because I can see numbers on the map. If it’s a course, then which one (there are many courses). But it’s better if you just write the name of the level.


The Final Kithmaze this is level name.


Got it. It’s a problem with Lua interpreter or the component. Thank you for the feedback. We’ll try ti fix it ASAP.


Looks like you aren’t declaring your variable.

Review the level Master of Names to see how variables are declared.


Oh. Stupid me. Sorry, I’m not good in Lua.


Yeah but what is difference between local variables and normal variables ? I cant understand :smiley:

Also i watched video. This guy did it with normal variable on this level.