I Keep Getting a Server Error!

Hi, I keep getting an error whenever I try to do anything (singelplayer, multiplayer or play the games I made from the game development courses). Please get them fixed!

I believe that’s a temporary error because of internet. Does it still not work for you?

I still get the same error and it has been like that for 24 hours now.

Are you on a wifi that is potentially has filtering on it?

Why would any filter suddenly kick it? No, I do not think so. I also tried on my mobile and I get a server error on there as well. I rarely have any problems with the site. But I am tired of this “error loading from server” as I have had it since around this time yesterday. I am on CodeCombat every day and I miss it terribly now. I hope the team gets it fixed soon. I have sent an email.

Idk I’m just putting forth ideas … I’m 12 so I don’t know much anyway

Aw, well thank you so much, I appreciate your attempt :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, today, I couldn’t get into Gimkit (MY LIFELINE!!!) because my servers were blocking it and that’s rare, so at least try checking it.

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Hi Anita! I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with CodeCombat. I know this might sound obvious, but have you tried restarting your computer and WiFi router?

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Do you manage to play a single player or multiplayer match on CodeCombat?

Do any of you people manage to play a single player or multiplayer match on CodeCombat?

Oh uh I’m also just a kid :sweat_smile:
I’m on vacation right now so I don’t have access to a computer

How is CodeCombat working for you today?

How was it like playing CodeCombat for you today?

Ill go check now I don’t use codecombat that much these days

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I would appreciate it so much! Thank you!

Yep, it’s currently loading with no problems for me

I also tried changing my device location to Norway and it still worked, which is what makes me think it’s not a server issue.

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It works for me

You of course tried single player or a multi player match? Not only just logged in?

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I tried a.i league

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