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[Solved] Is CodeCombat down?


Haven’t been able to access CodeCombat site/server for the entire morning. We have 2 classes with 15 students today and they are completely stranded. I have emailed, tagged you on FB and Twitter as well, but no updates so far.

@nick Can you give me an update asap please? We have more classes tomorrow on Saturday and need to know when your server will be back up and running. Much thanks.


It’s down for me too.


Got the same problem as you, except I could use It this morning. If @nick could help out or give so info on what’s going on, that would be great. If anybody knows what’s going on, please tell me.


@nick is unavailable now. Try contacting @maka.


Currently the server is down due to some maintenance. Sorry for inconvenience. The server should be fixed soon.


I invited the developers.


Hi folks – sorry for the lack of communication. It just so happened that the entire team went out for a team retreat today and were out of communication (in a location without cell service) at 9 am, just minutes before the problem started, and so we weren’t able to respond until just recently.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!



Thank you @maka for fixing the problem.


Are game links going to work soon?
I can’t see my completed work yet…
It says Error loading from server.

Thx for fixing the outage tho.
Let me know, thx


Now it works. (20 characters)


It’s fixed now, for everyone I think. If it still doesn’t work, contact us.


@maka and @Chaboi_3000 Please keep us updated!


Sure when I’m open. :wink: @maka is unavailable currently.