I made some levels inspired by the "Kelvintaph Combat" series

I hope these levels aren’t too easy considering they’re themed around challenge levels(though to be honest, I finished them within a day. so they probably are :sweat_smile:)

The first level (Backwoods Heist) is a “lore level,” so you can skip it if you like. All it is is you breaking a door to get into the vault.
For story purposes, I would suggest using the same hero throughout the entire series (to show that it was one person that went through the entire journey, and didn’t randomly shape shift or something), however, you don’t have to.




There are still two levels that will come out later. The penultimate level (called Backwoods Thievery) might take a while as it’s pretty big and my school chromebook doesn’t seem to like that. The last level (still unnamed) will come out after Backwoods Thievery. Also, any name suggestions for the last level would be appreciated. Preferably a name which starts with Backwoods and ends with a synonym to escape, thief, or robbery. However, if the name fits and it’s cool enough I might consider it.

Anyways, would love to hear what you guys think about the series :slight_smile:


I beat the first level with 3 lines of code.


Its fun though. Could be improved to make ifs nesesary.


Oh, name the last one Backwoods abscondee!!!
And, (I know this is stupid) but how do you make a level??? I mean I can make some with game dev but that is really limited…

go to this link:

you can also get to it by clicking the contribute button and then clicking the level editor link.

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by first level do you mean backwoods heist or backwoods intruder?

Backwoods heist. (20chars)

Damn. In level 2 poison cloud was a lifesaver. Maybe Backwoods skirmish?

Wow, these are amazing!!!

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Thank you! (20 characters)


Sorry for necroposting on my own post but…

I finished Backwoods Thievery. I haven’t beaten it yet, but I already know it’s possible (not sure about the bonus goal though). Anyway, the last level is coming soon probably.

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Actually funnily enough I’m working on creating a level that would fit into the “Kelvintaph Combat” series. (after Burgler)