Chronicles Of Thoktar 2 levels released! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED

I am making a new level series.
The first level is called Escape from Numengard.
Heres the basic idea:
The ogres have prisoners.
There is a human thrower, peasant, human witch, and human warlock stuck in an eerily familiar ogre fortress.
Your job is to break them out.
The second level is where you need to command you thrower to defeat a brawler, by kiting it.
(Not released yet)
The final level, is going to be called Thoktar’s war, where you finally get to fight Thoktar’s great army.
Only the first level is released.
The human warlock, witch, thrower, and peasant will make further appearences is furutre levels…
First level:

(P.S playing aroudn with javascript and phases is hard lol since i do python.

New level:
Pesky Kiter

Command your thrower from the 1st level to defeat a brawler by kiting it!

noice just noice funnnnn

So…the 1st level is Summit’s Gate but with a different name? :joy: Same goals, same layout, same everything.

2nd level is far from looking complete. Map is bland with no set decoration, and the level is just a copy of Mega Munchkin Attacks.

I think you should spend time creating a single polished and original level rather than several incomplete unoriginal levels. It’s more interesting that way.


I just forked the summit;s gate for the terrain lol.
But yes, I shall follow your advice
And I never knew what mega munchkin attacks was lol

Sorry about dissappoing you.
You can command the prisoner witch and warlock. ( they are on your team)
Everything is idle till you command,
Witch and warlock hve canCast
Witch and warlock also have findFriends
Warlock has findCorpses.
I tested it

But, I renamed my first protype, and made a new level fro scratch!
Here it is!
I hope you like it!!!

Are you going to make a third level anytime soon?

No comment. :wink: (20 chars)

@Hin_Lee take this!

it seems that i cant command the shamans but i could command the witches?

also i beat the level with the simple if enemy attack enemy, it seems that the witches just wont let your hero die via growth and heal. i think less witches and shamans are necessary (considering that i also somehow ended the level at max health).