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I need help still

Continuing the discussion from [SOLVED] Usual day:

yes it is and to the coins???

Can you please post your code.

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define item doing this item = hero.findNearestItem()

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First, you need to put all of that code in a while true loop. Then you find the nearest item, and if there is an item, move to the item with hero.moveXY(item.pos.x, item.pos.y).

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Can you just rewrite your code.

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i can do that…so i will do that

This pretty much says it.

while True:
    #find the nearest item
    # if the item exists
    #move to it.
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what is the code for that abc

bty i can not rpaly for 4 hours

by the way join my clan

And he has to kill munchkins.


Okay, so now you need to find the nearest item with item = hero.findNearestItem(). Then have in if loop checking if there is an item and its type is equal to “coin”. Inside of that if loop, moveXY to its position.


I said that here and for the coins do this if item.type == "coin":

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I think you have to write if item and item.type == "coin"

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Yes that is the solution

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