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I need help with medical attention


Can you help me with it?


Well, what is your problem? We can’t help you without knowing what to help you with.

Reaping Fire coding errror?

well it has been a while and i have already beat the level and now i am stuck on sarven sentry and it says that flagblack is not defined here is my code.
flagGreen = self.findFlag(“green”)
flagBlack = self.findFlag(“black”)
flagViolet = self.findFlag(“violet”)

if flagBlack:
    pos = flagBlack.pos
    x = pos.x
    y = pos.y
    self.buildXY("fire-trap", x, y)
if flagGreen:
    pos = flagGreen.pos
    x = pos.x
    y = pos.y
    flagGreen = self.buildXY("fence", x, y)
if flagViolet:
    pos = flagViolet.pos
    x = pos.x
    y = pos.y
    self.moveXY(x, y)

any thoughts
nvm i fixed it on my own and beat it


Please i open a new post for help with a different level


Welcome @Damian_Short on the CodeCombat forum. We’re glad to have you here. However, improving the quality of your topics would be appreciated. Have a look to the FAQ for standard debugging procedure and standard formating when posting. Have a good day.