If I completed Code Combat, would I have a full understanding, such as enough to get a job?

Hello everyone, I hope you are OK.

First off, a little about myself. I am 27, and from the UK.

I have always had an interest in computers, and would love to learn to code, which is how I found code combat.

I have a lot of health issues, and it is quite hard to find work that I can fully do, something like writing code once I have learnt what is needed could be possible though.

This leads me to my main question- when I finish code combat, will I have enough knowledge to get a job that is involved in writing code? I do not really know what type of job prospects there are besides creating websites, but am sure there are many other opportunities.

I gather Python will be best for me to mainly focus on? After some research it seems this is very popular so I imagine will offer more opportunities?

Thank you all for your help, and I apologise for what may be a very simple question.


Also, out of code combat, for example what would ‘hero’ be replaced with? Or is this dependant on what you are doing?

I do apologise for these seemingly simple questions, I am brain damaged from previous illness, and do find things harder to understand than when I was well.

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You will have the knowledge of the basics of coding in multiple coding languages. Code Combat has its limits and you would have to use other more advanced programs to learn enough to get a job. Python is popular but in my experience Java, Java script, and python are the only code languages that I have used so far but C++ is also useful (not sure if that is the actual language c something)if you are working for apple. For the second question just use a different name for the variable.

hero = jds;ltajowhfdkjsyhgof

Just use a different thing instead of hero.(jds;ltajowhfdkjsyhgof is just the random code you use after).

Monkey = jds;ltajowhfdkjsyhgof

You can also review this in dungeon on levels like: By any other name or master of names or known enemy. (I could give more examples but I’m lazy).
So it isn’t exactly dependent you just have to use the variable properly.


OK, thank you for your reply.

I am enjoying code combat so far, so I will continue to play it to gain a basic understanding of coding. When I know more I could look into further education if it is something I enjoy, and something I can realistically do with my limitations.

So, in code combat, the ‘variable’ is the hero (at least for me so far)?

Depending on what I am doing, there will be different variables?


Completing the game will give you some knowledge of coding and what not, but that will not be enough. You will have to learn much more advanced techniques and user interface as well as get familiar with level editor and other features. You should at least fluently know 2-3 Languages, for example Python, JS, and C++. While its a lot to learn and could take years, I still believe that anyone who tries hard enough can learn whatever they want to.


If you start to code outside CodeCombat, you will have to learn some more things:

First, you will need a python editor for the platform you’r working on (most linux distributions and macos have it already installed) and you might want to have an IDE (an editor to type your text, as you have it in CodeCombat on the right handside).

You asked,
“Also, out of code combat, for example what would ‘hero’ be replaced with?”

Well, you might want to create your own objects with your own variables, togegher with your own methods (you would program them like functions).

As mentioned above, you will probably use code by others, which often is collected in a so-called libary and provides advanced functions, like windows, pushbuttons or dialog boxes for your application.

From CodeCombat, you will learn how coding works and learn a lot of important concepts in programming, as loops, arrays, functions an many more. Moreover, you learn syntax of python (which was great for me), and -most important - you learn how to solve problems with algorithms and programming.

After you have finnished CodeCombat, you can probably very quickly learn new programming languages and deepen you understanding of python by reading other books or webpages.

Just my 2ct.



Don’t get a job in programming trust me. I’ve been a front-end developer in the software industry at the same job for 5 years, then I was let go due to a lack of funding. I have now been looking for employment in the field for 1 year and 2 months. Trust me man, companies are not hiring like society says they are. And if they are, they’re ONLY looking for senior level guys willing to be compensated at factory work wages.


First I would say that you would have enough experience with the language to understand how the logic works. With that being said what many companies are looking for is someone who can solve problems with code. I would suggest that you research what problem domains you would like to work in (ex. web development, devops, data science ect.) Then focus on applying the skills you learned in code combat to that discipline.
Then build something in that discipline to showcase your skills.
Also to stay sharp start learning algorithms, I know this is a heated debate on the subject but many employers will put you through a bogus algorithm test to see how your skills are.
In my area of the world (The U.S.) this is what I have seen to be the norm.

Also in your area of the world look at a company called ScrapingHub (Based out of Ireland I believe). They are a company that specializes in developing python web crawlers, they are 100 percent remote work from home (may help with your health issues) and I see them advertise for pydevs all the time. It seems to be high turn over but hey its a start (Learn Scrapy - the python crawling framework).
-Good Luck

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Wow gratschultz2013, where do you live? I do front-end, self-taught and feel like i’m well compensated. To anyone wanting to do front-end, don’t give up.

Hello, sorry for intervening and I hope you are feeling very well. From my perspective you are wrong, I work in web development there is a lot! The important thing is to keep learning and improve over time (practice) for both front and back there is a lot of work, you just have to know how to look for it, in addition, you can also work as a freelancer.

In code combat you learn the basics and intermediate, you improve your programming logic and it helps you a lot in the workplace, but you will need to learn technologies and other things, what you learn in code combat will help you if you work in the software development industry, since you have good logic and ability to solve problems, keep learning and don’t give up.