Im back again. I bet you all forgot abt me lol

Hey, I forgot about this app, man I used to use this all the time, Its been over a year now, thats crazy. I see enPointe is still online so wow, but yeah I’m back.


Well welcome back.
You probabably don’t remember me but I’m Eric_Tang.


haha i remember you, the profile picture is very memorable


Welcome back! :tada:

Did we talk?

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Hola amigo! Long time no see!

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Welcome back! Glad to see your school unblocked CoCo.

Welcome back Antyado

You definitely don’t know me.

Welcome back! :tada:
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Hi Lydia remember Gabriel_Knight? its me I have been gone for a while.

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hey remember me its @Gabriel_Knight
my old account was blocked. its been a long time

Welcome back! May i ask why it was blocked?

Welcome back! Yes, I remember you

Welcome back!
Yea I remember you

Yeah I was Moved to a new school Online, And when My father saw this on my history he thought it was interfering with my Work. ( which it kinda was. then. )
So he said he was going to block it. So I tried to say goodbye but I couldn’t even log in! it showed that my IP changed and I need to verify the WIFI password.
No way, I was going to go up to him ask HIM to give me the wifi password to keep going on with my friends. So My father just unblocked like 400 websites on my Laptop. SO NOW I CAN COME BACK YAAAY!!! ( but only after 5:00 because thats when when computer unlocks )

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Hello! I remember you even though I came after you left! :grin:

hey chedder cheese nice image

hey please don’t revive topics that arent necessarily needed thank you.

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