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Im stuck on the level shield rush! help!


im stuck on the level shield rush, and i can’t get my hero to do anything!!! I’m using lua…

heres my code

local enemy= self:findNearestEnemy()
if self:isReady(“cleave”)then




Please read the FAQ and learn how to properly format your code, so it is a) readable and looks like it should (in the preview pane and after you post it).

[edit] Works fine for me ONCE I add a space before the “then” in:

if self:isReady("cleave")then

If you retyped your code to get it in the post, then DON’T you must copy and paste otherwise, you may add/remove errors.

If you did copy and paste then you DIDN’T MENTION the error you were getting, and that is not nice. In that case you are being rude to us, by not giving all the info.

The error I get

Tells that it thinks there is an error on that line (usually, the error is on that or a previous line).


well, I’m sorry, I’m new to the whole forum thing, so i don’t know how they work yet.


That’s why there is a FAQ.

Unfortunately :wink: it is hard to completely blame you :smile: as it has become buried among the other pinned subjects. :frowning: