I'm taking a break

Title says it all. I’m going to be taking a break for about a month from CoCo. I’ll see you soon. :grin: (Also, I’ll still be checking discourse sometimes)


So long and we will be glad when you come back.


Bye Moon! (This is weird saying this because I was talking to you 1 minute ago) Anyway, Bye! See you in a month!

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You will still see me, just less than normally. :slight_smile:


Ok good. I thought you were going to be gone for a while to.

Do you want to be invited into the pms anymore?

So basically made this topic for nothing?


okay another soldier down lol

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For little bit. :wink: (hopefully)

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No, no point, especially because of you know what.

Did you just call me Point?! Um, I prefer Thump, thanks. But okay, we won’t add you anymore.

I didn’t call you “point” xD “point” is a word.

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