Goodbye. (I think) (Perhaps in the in the future.)

Yes, I have made this choice. It isn’t gonna happen right away but it is gonna happen in the near or far future. I am going to be leaving CoCo Discourse. What I mean by leaving is that I will not be on every day and be as active. But I will be replying and helping out with anyone who needs help whenever I am online. It pains me to leave. But sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do. I am still able to be convinced not to leave. If you wish to try to convince me not to leave, feel free to pm and give me reasons why I should not leave. Everything has changed since the Doritos topic. I miss those old days but they are gone and everyone who was in that topic, has either left the Discourse, be banned or is different now than they were during that topic.

If you talked to me, I hope I made you laugh and enjoy yourself. I am going to miss laughing and enjoying myself when I leave and if I leave. You all are like my extended family and I am gonna miss you all.

Chaboi_3000, I always thought you were out to get me. But during the time that I was off of the Forum. I realized you were just trying to keep the Forum family friendly. I am sorry for giving you such a hard time. I should have been your friend. I hope you can accept this apology in the future. Now, I look up to you. You are my role model here on the CoCo Discourse. You are a Great Coder and an even better Moderator.

There are so many people that I am gonna miss when I leave. The list is so long that I cannot even list the names.

@MarmiteOnToast I am not leaving the PM. I will remain in there. Just make sure that I never get left out.

If you are reading this and I didn’t know you, I am sorry about that. And If you want to know, ask Marmite for my Discord or me if I am still here.

If you have anything you wish to say, you can say it here and I hope you would share what you want to tell me. I am gonna miss you all. I want to have a way so I can remember all of you easily.

Zax Kazuha


not to be rood but i feel that this is a junk topic since it is not happening right now and the time frame when you are going to leave is 3-4 years

uh, I don’t want to be that guy, but why not make it until then?

I chose to let you all know now. That is because I don’t want to stress about making a topic about it then. I did it now for a couple of reasons. I want to see what everyone says to me before I leave and if I make it later, I may not have the chance to see what everyone has to say and that will be sad because I care about you all. Does that make sense now?


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i understand thank you for explaining

o7 thanks for all the memories zax you were quite literally the most active member of the entire forum since 2021 you helped keep every topic afloat and alive although you had a few mishaps you were the most active member on the forum. thank for all the contributions to the forum.


Bye Zax! You were one of the most active and talkative people, along with Falcons.
I understand that you are getting older, and every day there are even more things to do, so I’m just going to say… Good luck! All the other things are going to depend on you.


Goodbye, my old friend. I still remember. Two years ago. You came to this discourse. I remember how you used to talk a lot.(you still do, but less)

Ah, the good old times. We played prodigy together. You started a Minecraft pfp cult. And then, you got suspended. I remember I checked the suspension dates of every user I’d ever known that got suspended every day. But I checked yours more because there was an actual end date. But then, I went offline. I still checked though, logged out of my account. I didn’t check everyday after I went offline, but I did. You and your cringe Minecraft pfp were suspended. Until you finally got unbanned. And then I made a new account and proceeded to exist, but you were always there. You made a blog for Arka, and helped out in many ways. You were almost always there to chat a lot. I shall miss you if you go. Please do not, as I will find your location and recreate 9/11 but with a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbi- I mean, I will not find your location and recreate 9/11 with a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird and will instead mail you a parting gift if you wish to give me your address. That parting gift will totally not be a note telling you about how a Nigerian prince wants you to pay your extended car warrantee or else your virus will have computer.

I will miss you @ZAX155.



ay bruh I know ur tryna make a joke but maybe not make it about 9/11 :woozy_face: ??

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No I am actually leaving this time. I am going to slowly fade away. I am already replying less and less. But I still check in every now and then. I just won’t be super active and talkative. I will just have the Discourse open, but won’t be talking as much. And, yes, you can try to convince me to stay but I doubt it would work. But who knows, maybe you could convince me.

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Nonono, I think he was replying to Monsty:

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I will miss you @ZAX155

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