I'm trying to make a topic for the first time

idk how to make a topic so i’m trying something new :slight_smile:

I recommend making this topic on a combo challenge, they can be challenging. :slight_smile:

This would cause people to ask for help, which is what a topic is mainly for.

@TheCodingCrusader22 please be nice and don’t edit topic titles to include “junk topic”, if it’s really a bad topic and you want it closed, flag it so the mods can decide please

ok, i will close it but i don’t know how.

You can’t close it once there is posts unless it’s a level help topic or you’re a mod :]

i made it level help so he can close it i think

thank you. i didn’t know how to do that

… its not working. are you sure i’m able to do this? i’m at a basic trust level.

press the solution button

thank you this helps alot

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