SOLVED: hero.requestSandSnakesHelp()

Need any help with Sand Snakes?

@Oliver_Davidson if someone needs help on this level then they will either create a new post or post on a existing topic already so sry but plz close @Chaboi_3000 or @Deadpool198 i appreciate you helping others though


Oh. I thought I saw topics like this earlier.

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some people do i think they just get closed

Also, I don’t see any way to close it(not that I want to).

that is because only a higher trust level can close topics.

Oh. I’m just basic, so it makes sense that closing topics isn’t available to me. But it doesn’t make sense that I can’t close my own topic.

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I feel like we’re just chatting.

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that seems to happen a lot on #level-help catagories

or any catagory for that matter

Hi @Oliver_Davidson,
I appreciate you trying to help, thanks! But it is a lot simpler for users who are looking for help on a level to navigate old topics and/or make a new one for themselves. This also means we can use the [solved] button (no the thing in the title), so that each topic has a ‘solution’ post shown at the start so people with the same problem can also fix their code in the same way.
If you don’t mind I’ll shut this one, message me if you have any questions :smile: