Improving Scores & Spectator mode

I’ve been thinking about Scores lately, and how to improve them.
TLDR : bold text.

I’ve been reaching level 5 in most replayable levels with my potion-master, and I checked out my scores in the ranking. I was really pleased with the fact I could watch other people’s code, with other champions.

First of all, my experience so far is : It doesn’t work so well. Most code submitted aren’t running smoothly or even working at all. Infiniteloops, or just plain loss. Sometimes I can’t even read the code the player has submitted, or maybe he deleted it ?

Anyway, at the moment, it’s impossible to watch the five leading codes. I think that’s nice to prevent people from cheating their way to the top with copy pasting. However, as the time goes by, more and more people will reach the maximum rank and soon the top 5 will be at the same level. Someday one guy will be the 6th to reach the maximum level and then it’s copy-paste party time, and everyone will be able to reach maximum rank with no effort at all.

In my opinion, it would be better to allow anyone to watch freely any code with a score equal to or below its own score. For example, I reached level 5, I would like to see what other people did to beat level 4. What’s good in their code, what’s inspiring ? How to change gameplay if I want to play an archer now ? Their code won’t let me reach rank 6 easily, but I could learn from it to try to improve.

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Good idea. Tracking it in GitHub here: