How to use scores on levels without cheating

You aren’t supposed to look at the scores and copy and paste it. That would be cheating. Same for looking up answers. You should avoid looking at answers, but if you are stuck.
1.) You can look at scores and see strategies. You can do this but no copying.
2.) You can just look at it to learn and understand new complex code.
3.) You can see how new items/heroes can be used on those levels. Or just see how they work.
4.) (Challenge) :warning: Only if you completed that level can you look at people that struggled and solve the code on Scores. The code that you changed will not be saved, this is just a challenge and some fun.

These are some ways that you can get better at coding while not cheating. If you notice someone cheating or using illegal methods(Using banned items from that level), report it.
You can tell a Moderator if you see something that should be banned but isn’t report it.


Nice! I don’t remeber the name, but one guy copied my code, then I got to 1st/2nd place with it and this guy didn’t, so now everyone sees my code (of course my code is now better than it was, but still).
Also, glad to see you here again!


Welcome back @milton.jinich!
How was your life when you were gone?

That would be good to know, although we shouldn’t get off-topic. Just make a PM.