In My Name Undefined Reference Bug

When returning the number 2 from function letterIndex, an undefined reference error occurs. Any other numbers works fine,
or even changing

hero.moveXY(16 + chestIndex * 8, 36)

I changed the sample code to: hero.moveXY(14 + chestIndex * 8 ,36)
and then added

hero.moveXY(hero.pos.x + 2, hero.pos.y)

after to fix it. I can now complete the level There is something wrong with this level. Can a mod check it out?

Thanks. I will check it.

i have a problem with that level too

Thank you for your patience and feedbacks. I fixed the problem. if you still have that problem, then please try

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thanks (twenty characters)

@Bryukh What is the domain used for? (out of curiosity)

It’s direct version without caching, but it’s slower. So it’s useful for testing and development or when you need to see changes without delay.

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Hello, i have the same error.
Just wanted to let you know because its been few months since it been detected and seems like its not fixed.
Btw Codecombat is great :slight_smile: Thanks for the whole company for making/upgrading it

I’m sure it was fixed. Looks like you got a new bug. Could you give more information? Screenshots, your code, your username in Codecombat.

Sure, the first time i opened this level it had already an error.

On the console it says: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

unchanged code

I think its an bug since that error shouldnt pop up when you first enter the level,

Also if you prefer i can take the screenshots again with English versions (maybe only the Polish version have the bug since nobody is saying anything)

My ing name is: Jaaneek

It’s definitely another new bug. Thanks, fixed!