i am trying to play a level and it won’t let me start because i have an infinite loop or a bug. keep trying to restart and refresh an reset and all the gimicks, won’t work.

Hi Mark!

Which level are you working on? And would it be possible to post your code up here?

Bunch of crooks,

i cannot reach my code so i can’t show u it,

but the level is siege of stonehold

What’s your username? I’ll check it out.

I am having the same problem on Siege of Stonehold. I have tried all the options. My user name is Sir Nate the Valiant.

My username is mark43

nvm its working now :grin:

@NJones2021 It seems to be working now for me on your account, and it looks like you beat the level–nice work. Sorry about the bug. I think I have an idea as to what might have been causing bugs like this and will try out a fix today.