Player-Created level "Let's Go Fly a Kite": Infinite Loop Detected at load screen

Level by @dwhittaker - on load screen progress goes up to about 1/3, then a popup saying:

Infinite Loop Detected

The initial code to build the world never finished running. It’s probably either really slow or has an infinite loop. Or there might be a bug. You can either try running this code again or reset the code to the default state. If that doesn’t fix it, please let us know.

It gives thee buttons: “Try Again”, “Reset Level”, and “Comment Out My Code”. None of them do anything.

Weird, I just tried loading it and got the same thing. I wonder what happened to break my level!

Hmm, it loaded until I removed the code back to the default. So something going on there is just taking forever to load. Possibly could solve by making sure ogres don’t spawn on top of each other?

I got this problem too