Is a java syntax version planned?

I would really love to see a java syntax version. I’m pretty much a beginner but is there something I can help to make a java version? Also is Thornbush Farm the last playable level of the campaign?

Java is not high on our list of priorities, because it’s so complex, but it’s possible that we’ll add it one day. We would need to write a Java parser and runtime library for our JavaScript transpiler, Aether. Actually, most of the syntax that you’ve been using throughout the first levels is the same in Java and JavaScript despite them being two different languages. So you have been learning stuff that will help with Java so far.

We are adding five new levels a week, so stay tuned for new ones. You can sign up as an Adventurer to get notified when new levels are ready.

Yea I imagine a parser and lib are a lot of work.I know some js & java already but I never programmed anything komplex.

It really is a shame it is low on the list of priority… Java is one of those “where things are going” language that would for sure be an asset to this great game as well as one hell of a lure! Complex or not, I assure you that there are thousands of lovely fellas with neck beards willing to take on such an enormous open sourced product!

You guys rock, keep it coming! :wink:

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