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More Tutorials needed


There needs to be more tutorials. I completed the tutorials so far, but i can’t complete a single harder one. I don’t understand how to do the java script. This is what Code Combat is about right? Java scrip wizardry.


Agreed! Among other things we’re building a full fledged beginner campaign to get you through the basics of JavaScript, but we’re only just starting to piece that together. If you’d like to test these beginner levels as we build them, sign up as an Adventurer, or sign up and we’ll send you announcements about progress toward that goal.


How about players who are making levels make some tutorials also?


It might be easier if we can use your specific doubts to formulate tutorials. How about you enlighten us with your questions?


The main problem i am having is the Syntax. What do i put in the parenthisises? Their is stuff to put in the parenthisies in other harder levels.


Ive got good news and bad news.

The good news is i completed one of the harder levels

The bad news is i completed it by a bug wich allowed me to change the other solders actions. You press enter a couple times and you can change it.