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Is CodeCombat offline a lot?


I just started using Codecombat today and it’s pretty awesome, but it seems like every other zone I do, the website goes offline for me, is this a normal occurrence or just on my end?



This might be a problem on your end, is there a lot of internet usage on your wifi
CodeCombat only works for me when I have a moderate to low amount of activity on my side


it’s rarely offline for me. only twice the entire time ive used it so far. once when the db failed and then when ruby updated or something


This is weird, I play like one level fine, then it constantly goes to Error 524 Website Offline.


It’s def on your end then.


@Calcifer Where do you live?


I have only had it send Error 524 on level Diamond Dozen so far. It just started today.


I’m having the same problem… I just started today, and it worked fine the first couple of hours…
Maybe it thinks I played to much :wink: Been couple of hours now and it sometimes it takes 3min to open some levels now… With the error 524 in JSConsole… Everything else, the map and the site is working fine. It’s just when I try to join or finish levels…

Using Windows 10, Chrome…
Oh, and also, I noticed the maps wont load either in these blackouts… As oppose to what I said earlier…


Happens to me sometimes too. Something may crash or the cores and CPU can’t keep up with the graphics needed to be loaded. Restart your computer or close all the tabs and wait a while before you come back.